CEREC One Visit Crowns

We are thrilled to offer CEREC crowns in just one visit.. Beautiful restorations are made while you wait. No need for temporaries or to return for another round of numbing injections.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an exciting technology that allows us to do high quality, same day restorations in our office. After your tooth is prepared for a crown or onlay, we use a digital 3D scanner to capture an image of your tooth. The scanner means there are no “goopy” impressions to take. We manipulate the image in our CAD/CAM computer system and create a custom fit restoration to repair your tooth. The crown or onlay is made in a 3D mill, and then fired in an oven to insure beauty and strength. The CEREC restoration is bonded to your tooth the same visit. No temporary, no return visit, your crown is completed in one visit!

Do CEREC restorations look natural?

Yes! CEREC restorations are made from esthetic porcelains and resins. They come in a wide range of colors, and we can even and custom staining to give the best match possible.

How long does the appointment take?

A CEREC crown appointment typically takes 2-3 hours. During a large portion of the appointment, our team is working outside of your mouth to make the crown. We have movies and TV shows you can watch while you wait for your crown.

Is there an extra charge for a same day crown?

No! We charge the same fee for crowns whether they are made in our office or at an outside lab.

Do you use CEREC for all crowns?

We use cerec for most crowns. Some situations call for specific materials that are not available for same day procedures. In these cases, we use the CEREC machine to capture an image of your tooth and send it digitally to a lab to have your crown made.

This sounds pretty cool, can I watch?

Absolutely, we can show you the entire process. You will see how the crown is designed, and you can watch how it is made in the mill. We love to show it off!

Are CEREC crowns as strong as lab made crowns?

Yes. We use the same materials and fabrication process that dental labs use to make porcelain crowns. In certain circumstances, we may recommend a material that cannot be made in our office. In these cases, we will have your crown made outside of the office.

If you are interested in a same day crown, call our Winton Road office today – 513-931-7542.