Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Implants can osseointegrate into the bones of your jaw, meaning that they offer stability for a variety of dental restorations. We can use them to replace a single tooth, a few missing teeth, or even a full arch of teeth. At Conover Family Dental, we have been working with dental implants since the 1980’s, so you can be sure that you are working with an experienced team and a proven technology.

Single Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the preferred replacement for a single missing tooth because they are more conservative than a bridge. In order to make a bridge, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth have to be drilled much like a crown in order for the bridge to have something to hold onto. With an implant, we can avoid drilling on healthy teeth because the implant is retained by your jaw. We place a crown on top of the implant, which functions and looks like a normal tooth.

A Better, Healthier Solution Than Dentures Or Partials

If you have been wearing a denture or a partial and are frustrated with the fact that it is unstable and uncomfortable, then dental implants can really change your life. Implants can improve your confidence and comfort, but the benefits do not end there. Did you know that wearing conventional dentures affects your ability to eat and can have negative effects on your nutrition?1 As a result, your overall health can suffer. Implants can improve your chewing function2 by making your replacement teeth more stable. Please stop in to find out how we can help you live a happier, healthier life.

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